छात्रवृत्तिको लागि प्रारम्भिक छनौटको मूल सूची तथा वैकल्पिक सूचीको नतिजा प्रकाशन गरिएको सूचना ।
EoI Notice for Voucher Based Short Term Training Consultancy Service Notice for Bid EoI Notice for Result Based Short Term Training Consultancy Service Scholarship Notice Notice for Standing List Notice Regarding Final Payment Notice for scholarship Auction Notice Notice for DEO Online PMT Form TOR for Consulting Services for Environment Safeguard Trainee Selection Guidlines EoI Notice YELLOW PAGES Scholarship Result for earthquake victim Notice for Bid Secection Notice on Bid SMS System Urgent Notice of PG/MG Recipents Notice on ToT for Assistant Trainer for VBST IV Round Notice on ToT for Assistant Trainer Result on VBST 4th Round RBST 4th Round Result VBST Short List Notice on RBST 4th Round for Financial Porposal Result of Technical Proposal for RBST (4th Round) Notice on Voucher Based Applicant RMA Detail for RBST 4th Round Application Notice for Voucher Based 4th Round Notice on Tender for Printing Eligible for VBST 4th Round RBST (4th Round)-RFP Short Listed on RBST 4th Round Follow with facebook BID Notice VBST Scholarship Form for Earthquake Notice on Standing List EoI Notice on RBST fourth round YP Form Notice on YP Important Notice for Sending CTEVT Registration for Technical College Information for Women Windows Notice on scholarship Urgent Notice of PG Reciepants Notice on Scholarship Final Result Information of RBST Third Round Notice scholarship application form Information of VBST third round Bid notice for Management of Voucher beneficiaries Format of Progress Report for MG P G Report Format Format of detailed base line and progress data for PG OP/OSS Public Notice Based on the Right to information Act 2064 Article 5(3) and The Right to Information EVENT Database User Manual